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How am I supposed to let go
When we never had an ending?
How do I get over something
That shouldn’t even be over?

I’ve been asking this question for months;
I’ve searched for an answer everywhere,
But even now
I still don’t know.

I tried finding it in bottles of alcohol
That burned my throat in silence,
And then I asked the storms,
And they chilled my bones in return.

I screamed into the night sky
At the moon and stars and heaven and hell
Until my voice was hoarse and I was numb,
And only my shaking echoes answered.

I think I could travel the world
And see all of the beautiful places,
And they would all be tainted by your absence.
I don’t think I’ll ever be over you being gone.

Why // -STG (inksplatteredpages)
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Everyone is telling me to just let you go . Believe me i’m trying .. i just don’t know how (via italyfnf)
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I heard your name spoken by someone else today. It’s been months since I heard it aside from the voice in my head and my heart started thumping loudly, I almost felt lightheaded. I wanted to ask her, how you are, if you think about me. Instead I said,

"I hope he’s doing well."

But I wanted to cry, really. I wanted to tell her I miss you. I wanted to tell her I’ve been thinking about you and I must have spoken your name silently inside my head a million times since you left. I wanted to say… I still love you. Please come back to me.

Instead I changed the topic.

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If you ever wanna hear a joke, look through the delena tag.

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